I Know I'm Lost

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My scene, in gif form! (thank you, Jacob!)


My scene, in gif form! (thank you, Jacob!)

i feel so unappreciated. after all the fucking things i do for people. And even then I still try to please them. Even compromising my own happiness for people. They do not care about my happiness as long as they’re happy right? All of a sudden you don’t give a fuck. I’m so done. I’m done being brushed off and being dragged along. I’m done being a second choice. 


After fucking around on my birthday whether I celebrate it by myself or not. It’s time to stop fucking around. Whether I lose the people who support me the most or not I’m still on the road to getting out of here. I’ve wasted way too much time worrying about others and giving them so much without expecting anything in return. I’m done. It’s my turn. And I’m doing this for myself. The door is wide open for any of you and your bullshit. I don’t need it. All I need now is to focus on my dream and leave all that hurts behind. I’m fucking done. I’m done being caring. I’m done being nice. I’m done being used and being brushed aside. I’ll do this on my own. I don’t give a fuck anymore. I’ll fucking do this on my own.


Lol @shemoansangelica_ @simply_odette @jorge_hernandez89 @taigtx64 #thefaultinourstars #tfios #ripgus #rp #repost #sad #random #imdone


Lol @shemoansangelica_ @simply_odette @jorge_hernandez89 @taigtx64 #thefaultinourstars #tfios #ripgus #rp #repost #sad #random #imdone

I just died..


go away. 

i honestly want to just spend the rest of this week crying to be honest.


 When “professionals” judge the crap out of you for not having enough experience in the industry. & instead of guidance, advice, or encouragement, you spit out the opposite poison. So sorry, I believe where I stand today is where you or anyone has ever started. So sorry, I don’t have the money to spend to completely fulfill my passions. Yet I make do with what I get or what I have for now. Isn’t that what we as artist are “suppose to do?” Create from what we can get or what we have?

So please. Think twice before you criticizes my work as crap when I have gone through all these years learning all of what you’ve paid thousands of dollars for by myself. Yes I make my mistakes here and there. Which is why I chose to go through and hopefully have VFS lined up in the near future to further develop my passion for gorey-heart racing- blood curdling- disgusting creatures of the unknown and yet to be discovered.

I make my monsters out of toilet paper
whats your excuse?

Word vomit of the night.

I’m so unhappy. I’ve been unhappy since the beginning of this year. 

Don’t you think I deserve to be happy?

yeah me to.



i don’t love you, i don’t need you

i don’t ever want to see you again

i have moved on, and things are perfect

i’m okay with us just being friends.

cuz i don’t think about you, every single night i am fine without you

  i sleep tight when i’m not beside you.

i’m moving on, moving on

no, i don’t cry about you, no those ain’t tears in my eyes about you

gonna be fine if i die without you

i’m moving on, moving

these are the lies

that i tell myself at night

these are the lies

that are keeping me alive.

cuz the truth is i’m in pieces

my heart may not survive

i tell myself i’m fine. 

i know i’ll be alright…

these are the lies.